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Delve into the History of One of Canada’s Most Prestigious Family Businesses on the John Molson Walk, Presented by Montréal en Histoires

A techno-historical journey enhanced by technology and augmented reality reveals the remarkable legacy of seven generations of the Molson family in Montreal

MONTREAL, May 24, 2017 – Today Molson Coors Canada is inaugurating the John Molson Walk through the heart of Old Montreal featuring six historical points of interest. Designed by Montréal en Histoires, the walk showcases the history and rich heritage of the company, from its founding to today, and the Molson family’s contribution to the socio-economic development of Montreal and Canada. A free app (available in English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin, for Android and Apple) uses technology and augmented reality to bring the historic John Molson Walk to life.

“For our family, the walk is a true honor, a tribute to our involvement over the centuries,” said Andrew Molson, a seventh-generation member of the Molson family, member of the Molson Coors Brewing Company Board of Directors, and chair of RES PUBLICA Consulting Group. “Montrealers will discover how our Montreal story began and learn more about our contributions to the city, which celebrates its 375th anniversary this year.”

A step back in time…in real time!

Montréal en Histoires has created an array of initiatives and displays to celebrate Montreal’s history. This vast expertise has been used to design a fun, educational, and accessible trail, true to the Molson family’s history and traditions. Text and audio commentary for the entire route is available via the app. A journey through the lives of seven generations of the Molson family is accompanied by drawings, quotes, photos, activities, and multimedia content. One of the points along the route even includes an augmented reality capsule.

Points of interest were chosen based on their significance to the Molson family’s history and showcase the following aspects of Molson family history:

  • The immigrant investor (Rue de la Commune, in Montreal’s Old Port)
  • Molson in the community (Bonsecours Market)
  • Seven generations of Molsons (445 boulevard Saint-Laurent)
  • The brewery over the years (Montreal’s Old Port)
  • Molson and the Canadian economy (Molson Bank building)
  • Molson, A Sense of Innovation – Augmented reality experience (Auberge Saint-Gabriel)

“It is with great pride that Montréal en Histoires collaborated with the Molson family. These six presentations tell the story of this great Montreal family who has worked for seven generations in developing our city. This technological journey makes our history accessible and playful. Montréal en Histoires is proud to enhance its mobile app with the John Molson Walk, which is part of Cité Mémoire”, says Martin Laviolette, Montréal en Histoires’ executive producer.

A tribute to one of the greatest families that helped build Montreal

The celebrations surrounding Montreal’s 375th anniversary are an opportunity to highlight the family’s outstanding contribution to the city, starting with John Molson and continuing with the generations that followed. For more than two centuries, the Molson family has operated one of Canada’s most successful businesses. On top of that, they have invested personally in the development of Quebec and Canadian society. John Molson is remembered for his financial support for culture, social services, and philanthropy. This family legacy and duty continues on today.

Molson Coors Canada invites all Montrealers to discover a part of their heritage they can be proud of by visiting the attractions and glimpses of history to be found on the John Molson Walk. The celebrations are also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the history behind the economic development of one of North America’s most famous cities and about the prestigious family business that played such an important role.

The John Molson Walk is free of charge and open year round. It takes 30 to 60 minutes to visit all the points of interest along the way. 

About Molson Coors Canada

Molson Coors Canada is the Canadian division of Molson Coors Brewing Company, a global brewer with operations in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Asia. The company proudly offers some of the most popular brands in Canada with an award-winning brand portfolio that includes Molson Canadian, Coors Light, Molson Export, Rickard’s and Molson Canadian 67. Molson Coors Canada employs 3,000 Canadians, operates seven breweries, including boutique breweries Creemore and Granville Island, and invests in communities from coast to coast through its various charitable initiatives and sports and entertainment sponsorships. Molson Coors Canada is committed to promoting its products and events in a responsible manner as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.



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Montréal, le lundi 16 janvier 2017 – Au printemps et à l’automne, Montréal en Histoires invite les professeurs du secondaire et leurs élèves à une activité pédagogique pour découvrir l’histoire de Montréal. Téléphone intelligent à la main, les jeunes du premier comme du deuxième cycle déambulent dans le Vieux-Montréal en quête de réponses aux énigmes. Au fil du trajet, ils croisent des animateurs historiques.

Le rallye scolaire techno-historique est une activité toute indiquée pour s’intéresser davantage à l’histoire de Montréal en cette année des célébrations du 375e anniversaire. Également, le rallye scolaire techno-historique, conçu par le professeur d’histoire et responsable du contenu éducatif à Montréal en Histoires, Martin Landry, se colle aux exigences ministérielles du programme de 4e secondaire. L’application mobile gratuite Montréal en Histoires, riche en contenus, est un outil primordial pour vivre le rallye techno-historique. Depuis son lancement en 2016, près de 1000 jeunes ont vécu l’expérience.

La plateforme éducative Montréal en Histoires

Montréal en Histoires a développé une plateforme éducative se déployant en deux sections. Cette plateforme éducative propose Jouez avec l’histoire qui s’adresse au grand public et Zone scolaire destinée aux professeurs d’histoire du secondaire et à leurs élèves. Conçu par le professeur d’histoire et responsable du contenu éducatif à Montréal en Histoires, Martin Landry, le volet éducatif permet aux néophytes comme aux mordus d’histoire d’en apprendre davantage sur la métropole, tout en s’amusant. L’ensemble des contenus sont gratuits et se retrouvent sur le site Internet de Montréal en Histoires.

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Montréal en Histoires a pour mission de développer et de réaliser différents projets afin de permettre aux Montréalais et aux visiteurs de découvrir, d’explorer et de célébrer l’histoire de la métropole. L’action de Montréal en Histoires se décline selon trois axes : la production de Cité Mémoire, une œuvre d’envergure de Michel Lemieux et Victor Pilon avec la collaboration de Michel Marc Bouchard, l’élaboration de parcours techno-historiques et celle d’une plateforme éducative sur l’histoire de Montréal.



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