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What do I need to enjoy the Montréal en Histoires-Cité Mémoire experience?
You'll need a smartphone or touchscreen tablet on which you have previously downloaded the Montréal en Histoires-Cité Mémoire mobile app and content.
Where can I download the Montréal en Histoires-Cité Mémoire mobile app?
The app is available as a free download on Google Play and the App Store.
We recommend downloading all of the content or the circuit of your choice before your visit to Old Montreal.
Is the Montréal en Histoires-Cité Mémoire mobile app free?
Yes. The app is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store. It features about 60 narrated points of interest and augmented reality experiences. It is also used to experience Cité Mémoire, created by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon in collaboration with Michel Marc Bouchard.
Is it preferable to download the mobile app before going on the various circuits?

Yes, it is indeed preferable to download the Montréal en Histoires-Cité Mémoire mobile app beforehand.

We recommend downloading the content for your circuit as well before you begin your visit. You can also access it on-site in the Wi-Fi zones identified by Montréal en Histoires and Cité Mémoire markers.

Can I access the various circuits as well as the Cité Mémoire creation at any time?

The mobile app is available at all times. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the experience whenever you want, 24/7, all year long. The application offers nighttime routes as well as daytime ones. The nighttime routes include the Cité Mémoire nocturnal tableaux, available after sunset for 10 months of the year beginning May 18.

Cité Mémoire’s schedule

From May 17th to September 17th: From nightfall until midnight (with the exception of some tableaux)

From September 18th to May 16th: From nightfall until 11 p.m. (with the exception of some tableaux)

I’m a person with reduced mobility. Can I still enjoy the various circuits?
Absolutely. The mobile app will take you on a stroll through the streets of Old Montreal. Please note that some circuits are more easily accessible to people with reduced mobility than others.
I’m a visually impaired person. Can I still enjoy the various circuits?
Yes. Each point of interest, nocturnal tableau and experience in augmented reality features narrated audio content about the various historical events. The content is available in four different languages.
Can I complete several circuits during a single visit?
Of course! There are about 60 points of interest and augmented reality experiences to discover, as well as 20 tableaux to enjoy.
Is there a route to follow?
The mobile app provides daytime and nighttime circuits with the suggested length of time for each, and you can make your choice based on your availability. That said, you're also free to choose your own route and explore the content wherever you are.
What is the difference between a nightime circuit and a daytime circuit?

The nighttime circuits include Cité Mémoire nocturnal tableaux as well as augmented reality experiences and points of interest. Since the tableaux aren't available until the sun sets, the daytime circuits offer a mixture of augmented reality experiences and points of interest.

Note: From March 18 until May 16, the Cité Mémoire creation is inactive and the nocturnal tableaux within the nighttime circuits are deactivated.

How can I experience Cité Mémoire?

By strolling through the streets of Old Montreal, with a smartphone or tablet in hand and headphones on, you will discover the nocturnal tableaux that make up the Cité Mémoire experience.

Once you've reached the location of a nocturnal tableau, stand in the right area near the marker. Tap the "home" icon in the app to listen to the nocturnal tableau that's in progress.

To listen to Cité Mémoire, you must download the Montréal en Histoires mobile app.

Is it possible to eat, drink or take a break during a circuit?
Yes. The circuits take you on a stroll through the streets and alleys of Old Montreal. There will be many cafés and restaurants for you to enjoy along the way.
How can I have Wi-Fi access?
  • Open your list of available Wi-Fi networks
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi option is enabled
  • Select MtlWiFi
  • Agree to the Terms of Use for the Wi-Fi network on the login page that will open once you have selected said network
  • You’re now set to go!
Where can I get a Wi-Fi connection?
There are several Wi-Fi terminals located throughout Old Montreal. Find one of these signs:
Have the circuits been adapted for school field trips?
Montréal en Histoires offers a techno-historic treasure hunt-style activity specifically created for secondary school students. To organize this activity, please visit the School Zone.
What happens if there isn't enough storage space on my smartphone or digital tablet?
You can free up some space by deleting other applications from your device or by manually deleting content from our app that you have already browsed. You can do this by going into the Montréal en Histoires app's content management section within the settings menu.
What does an augmented reality experience consist of?

Augmented reality means superimposing 2D or 3D virtual images on actual, physical elements, thereby altering our perception of reality.

Locations featuring augmented reality experiences are identified by terminals adorned with the Montréal en Histoires colours, and also on the app itself.